Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Just Cruising

While just cruising around for interesting sites, I stumbled over this little item. Haven´t logged in or more than just read the first page, but the ideas behind the whole thing is appealing. Making money can be easy if your just willing and courageous enough to try new things. Sometimes we are forced to try, but most of the time the only enemy we face is our own fear of loosing.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Making money as a beggar

When I´m bored, when I wait for something, I start talking to people about their jobs. Even to beggars. Guess what? This one at the railway station begs for 6 hours a day he earns about 10 € each hour. He begs 6 days a week at various locations. Oh boy. That´s 360 € each week tax free.
He is living in a homeless shelter for free and pays minimum for food. Counting four weeks he earns 1440 €. And just by sitting around and doing nothing than looking hungry.
Not the worst choice of profession.

Sunday, March 9, 2008

Unusual way to make money

If you don´t have a clue how to make money check out this site. Here numerous ways to gain money from rather funny jobs can be found. Go collect diamonds in parking lots. Hot damn. Or even become a loan-shark. This site is definitely worth a look. Read here.

This lady has guts?

Bjork, a singer I personally don´t like, her music gives me the shivers, pissed of china big time. Her comment during a concert in shanghai, deep in the heartland of china, caused quite a uproar. She angered not only politicians, but the very population. The international conflicts china had to face because of it actions in tibet made her version of freedom of speech a rather questionable one. Because of her artist wanting to perform in china have to undergo much tighter inspections than ever before. Is she brave or just plain stupid? It´s for you to decide.
Read the article here.