Friday, March 21, 2008

Need a hint about blogging?

Don´t know where the wind is blowing from? No clue how to start? Don´t look any further.
This guy shows you some nice links and hints about where and how to start with money blogging.
It nice and clear without any unnecessary fuzz. Have a look and decide for yourself. Read here.

Tuesday, March 18, 2008

Learning by surfing

When you want to get into earning money online you naturally start to learn by reading the advice that other "pros" offer on their websites. Most of that is bullshit mixed with a little hot air. If you take everything for the truth you will end up spending alot of money for "free" e-books and other useless junk. Me, I read alot and analyze websites. If a site is visually appealing, the content can be of lower quality. On the other side, there are websites out there, that have stunning content, that could open you new ways, if only someone found them.
Personally I don´t like those cluttered sites with myriads of columns and thousands of banners. It´s distracting and tends to keep me away from revisiting that site again. I like my sites clear and simple, but visually pleasing.
So of to modding my own site a little. Gonna ad some pics and a new banner. The old one is rather boring.

'till then.

Keep blogging.