Thursday, September 17, 2009

My new project

To show you, how I´m tackling new challenges I´m going to show you my new project step by step.

Okay, here we go.
Background: I have a pen and paper rpg that I have been working on since my teenager days. It´s always been with me and underwent multiple overhauls. And finally Idecided to give the damn thing some nice pictures. The background is roughly laid out and needs some optical lovin´.

But anyway here comes Step 1.
I need a trooper wearing a powerarmor. It is an imperial soldier from a special forces unit carrying a rapid fire gauss-rifle. Later versions will sport a heavy man-portable gauss-canon but I´ll stick to the rifle for now. The picture is intended to be a still you probably know from the various games out there. Like from a equipment catalogue. The soldier himself will be highly detailed and the background rather wishy-washy.

Step 2. This doodle will give you a feeling what I´m looking for.

This will be our hardhitting man-at-arms in his fullbody battlearmor. In my gamesetting limbs can be regrown, but the head and the torso are something completely different.

And here you see the peashooter. Its a rapid fire gauss-rifle. The handguard houses the powerpack and the mag holds the pea sized, teardrop, ferromagnetic projectiles. There is no shoulderstock, because the weapon is mainly used by soldiers wearing powerarmor or high performance cyborgs.

So anyway, these are the basics. I just haven´t decide on what medium to use. 2d drawings or 3d scenes. Maybe next time I will show you some test with both variants.