Saturday, July 5, 2008

The impact of blogging on social behaviour

The internet, infinit possibilties.
For someone having problems making new friends in real live, the internet and the blogging community can be the perfect place to make new friends and meet interesting people. For some people it´s even the only possible way to interact with the outside world. For older, more mature persons, who have a grip on their live this can enrich their life. But having witnessed a youngster becomming an internetoholic made me real careful as to what my kids should do on the internet. Young kids tend to prefer the colorful and perfect world of the internet. There are no troubles and noone to bother you. Life is always perfect, and when you find something you don´t like, just click it away. The sbest examples are games like WOW, Everquest or AoC. You run out of gold and made to many enemies, delete the character and start a new one. Real life is not that easy. Having to face big bad teachers, and peers that simply don´t share your opinion can´t be avoided by switching to a different website or server.
On the other side blogging and chatting can have a tremendous impact on the way you treat new people. Curiosity overcomes fear and you step up to them, even if you have to talk with your hands and feet. Your spelling gets better, but only if you know how to spellcheck. *big smile*
As with everything: in controlled doses, the internet can be very good for you, because it expands your horizont, but too much can be areal pain.
When your friends all have l33t names and can all be found in the same chatroom 24/7, take a shower, leave the house and get a real life.



Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Alternatives to PPP

Have you been one of those bloggers, whose pagerank got gutted by google just by using PPP?
Then maybe I found something interesting for you. I´ve registered and hope to seen some positive reactions. This guy here gave me a good reason to switch. Check it out here.

Happy blogging.