Saturday, December 27, 2008

A change of direction

Boy what a month. The amount of work was almost to much to bear, so it´s no wonder I didn´t have the nerve to waste my precious free time on doing something equally stressing.
For quite some time I thought about quitting blogging, but instead of leaving the community I decided to take a new approach. I´m leaving the stressy part to others. Go ruin your health while hunting for the riches most of us will never acquire. After reading a nice article about the ancient school of stoics I decides to want what I have, and not what I don´t have. And all of a sudden life seems brighter. I still appreciate if some green comes rolling in, but it will not be the main reason why I´m doing all this. In the future you will see all kinds of topic, ranging from arts, food, technology, movies....ah whatever I find interesting. Maybe I´ll even show you some of my own arts.

Ahhh, free at last.