Saturday, July 25, 2009

Problem solved

I finally found a way around my artist-block. As funny as it may sound and as unartistic as it may be, be structured. Use productionsteps. Write everything down and refer to your notes as often as possible and nescessary. My structure is as follows, but aries from project to project.

1. Write down the rough idea

2. Refine the idea and start making first very rough sketches and doodles.

3. Further refine the theme of your project and make first arrangement-sketches, like setup drawings for movies. Use geometric objects until it fit your liking. At this stage do reference drawings for the various parts of the scene. Characters take up the most time for me, I´m better at drawing mechanics.

4. Try to bring it together. Still a very rough stage, but I´m still trying to get a good fit. So there is no reason to waste good effort on an drawing that will eventually get rejected. Okay the drawing will have more detail, but that is just for getting a better feel for the atmosphere.

5. You like the feel of your scene? Start adding detail and even more details. I´m mainly working with computers. With little kids in the house leaving your drawing stuff attended can be quite a hassle. So at this stage I´m usually getting my linearts and finals.

6. Now you can do final changes and touchups. Make sure to save a copy of your work at a place with little chance of loosing it. Usually I start doing the first colorsketches using the work-copies.
Again very rough stuff, but it is only for getting a feel for the atmosphere. Remember those references from Step 2 and 3? Read them again.

7. Finally we are getting near the end. We have gotten the color in all the right places and achieved the desired results.

That´s whats working for me. Change the steps, add new ones or modify the ones I´m using.
Other minds need other structures in their work or other stimuli for good ideas. While working I try to listen to matching music, read comics, watch movies with a similar themes. Everything that helps is welcome.

Hope that helped.

Cheers and good lovin´ to you all.